Day 3 - September 19, 2012

Invited Talk #3

Developmental Vision Agents
Marco Gori

S5 - Other Applications
10.20 -11.10

    1. Classification of Segmented Objects through a Multi-Net Approach
      Alessandro Zamberletti, Ignazio Gallo, Simone Albertini, Marco Vanetti and Angelo Nodari
    2. Improving Iris Recognition through New Target Vectors in MLP Artificial Neural Networks
      José Ricardo Gonçalves Manzan, Shigueo Nomura, Keiji Yamanaka, Milena Bueno Pereira Carneiro and Antônio Cláudio Paschoarelli Veiga
    3. POSTER - Using Self Organizing Maps to Analyze Demographics and Swing State Voting in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election
      Paul T. Pearson and Cameron I. Cooper

S6 - Automatic Feature extraction/selection

    1. Feature Selection by Block Addition and Block Deletion
      Takashi Nagatani and Shigeo Abe
    2. Facial Expression Recognition using Game Theory
      Kaushik Roy and Mohamed S. Kamel
    3. Grayscale Images and RGB Video: Compression by Morphological Neural Network
      Osvaldo de Souza, Paulo César Cortez and Francisco A. T. F. da Silva