Day 2- September 18, 2012

Invited Talk #2

Classifier Fusion with Belief Functions
Günther Palm

S3 - Partially supervised learning

    1. Incremental Learning by Message Passing in Hierarchical Temporal Memory
      Davide Maltoni and Erik M. Rehn
    2. Traffic Sign Classifier Adaption by Semi-Supervised Co-Training
      Matthias Hillebrand, Ulrich Kreßel, Christian Wöhler and Franz Kummert 
    3. On Instance Selection in Audio-Based Emotion Recognition
      Sascha Meudt and Friedhelm Schwenker

S4 - Applications to Biomedics

    1. Robustness of a CAD System on Digitized Mammograms
       Antonio García-Manso, Carlos J. García-Orellana, Ramón Gallardo-Caballero, Nico Lanconelli, Horacio M. González-Velasco and Miguel Macías-Macías
    2. A Decision Support System for the Prediction of the Trabecular Fracture Zone
      Vasileios Korfiatis, Simone Tassani and George K. Matsopoulos
    3. Teeth/Palate and Interdental Segmentation Using Artificial Neural Networks
      Kelwin Fernandez and Carolina Chang